Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rumor mill: PS very P

Rampant speculation this morning that the long rumored, eagerly sought, and extremely predictable UMD-less PSP is coming soon to a massive trade show near you. This is a move that will surprise exactly no one. UMD died as a movie distribution format when Sony got the brilliant idea to make people pay for a movie twice if they wanted to watch it on their PSP. A version of the device that removes such essentially useless hardware is about as logical as an umbrella store in Seattle. With the advent of oodles of digital distribution systems for movies online, I don't think UMD will be all that badly missed by purchasers of the new and improved smaller PSP-Go.

No doubt you will also see reference to a newer, thinner, PS3 that could be making an appearance sometime in the next year. While it will not be seen at E3, so far as we know, hopefully it will have an impact there. The fabled thin-PS3, it is thought, will remain under lock and key until current supplies of the PS3 evaporate. How can Sony make that happen? Maybe... lower the price? While reasonable when compared to the price of production, the PS3 eats far too many Presidential portraits when compared to its current generation console brethren. Given the fairly impressive array of PS3 titles due out in the near future, this is a shame. Lower prices should equal greater market penetration, recession not withstanding. Hopefully with a rumored slimmed down PS3 on the way, the chunkier original will finally get that price break.

But that's merely wishful thinking at this point. The PlayStation very-Portable is on its way to E3. Now, if only Sony would give away free samples...

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