Friday, May 22, 2009

Fun with Flu

In many games, you take on the roll of a hero, fearlessly sacrificing yourself for some esoteric cause you are never really clear about. Lost princesses? Please. Surely we can find a more worthy cause for our dedicated virtual labors. Looking over recent headlines, I see the swine flu is still topic of stress and concern. Surely there is some way to pseudo-combat this nefarious disease with flashing colored pixels?

Behold! Meet Swinefighter! A browser based flash game, it is chock full of floating pig heads to be popped by the creepy looking guy with an oversized syringe. As a result of my extensive play testing, I can report this game should not be attempted with a track pad. Go mouse or go home. Really.

Ok, so maybe you'd prefer a slightly higher budget title? Well, if you happen to have a high level World of Warcraft character with disease fighting powers, head on over to the Borean Tundra in Northrend. There are some undead porkers there spreading this disease to all comers. And being infected with this variant can really slow you down. Now, before you grab torches and pitchforks and march on Blizzard for shamelessly mocking this global tragedy, relax. Blizzard had this in the game over a year before the recent outbreak. Does Nostradamus work for Blizzard? We'll save that one for a future post.

So after a hard day of blowing up pig heads followed by a rough evening cleansing this evil illness off yourself and turning its carriers into zombie-bacon, you are bound to be exhausted. And nothing helps you go to sleep at night like a stuffed and fuzzy plush friend. Better yet, how about some stuffed and fuzzy plush diseases! Awesome! Thinkgeek has you covered. Mono, plague, mad cow disease, and others join the flu in this adorable lineup. Just remember to hide them before the CDC visits. You know... just in case.

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