Sunday, May 31, 2009

E3: The Bitch Is Back!

E3: The Bitch Is Back!

E3 can be summed up in lots of ways, but to me it will always be the biggest, baddest video gaming show on the planet; one I count the days to read about online, day-in, day-out start to finish; one I always dream of one day being able to attend in person, in all of its over-the-top, hyped up glory.

This year I will get my wish and from what we are all being told it will be a great “first year” to see the premier trade show the video game industry has bestowed. Back will be the glitz and glamour, the hype and the hoopla of E3’s gone by. And I can’t wait. Tuesday I will be walking through the hallowed halls of not only the Los Angeles Convention Center but the halls of gaming greatness. These halls, like me are four decades in the making. You see, the gaming industry and I have a lot in common. We are after all, the same age. Like the video gaming industry, I too have had my ups and downs, my proponents and my doubters, my believers and skeptics. We have grown older, but not necessarily wiser. We make mistakes and try and learn from them. We are greedy and sometimes this negatively affects those around us. We push ourselves in new directions; directions that not all agree upon. We have goals and aspirations. We are inventive and constantly evolving and pushing the envelope of our existence.

I love this industry. Our relationship can be compared to the great loves of the silver screen; Bogey and Bacall, Peter Parker and Mary Jane, Leo and Kate. And, I hope this industry continues to love me back. All I ask is for some great games and hardware that continue to revolutionize the industry. And we all know that as the industry grows it gets harder and harder to impress because “we’ve seen it all before”. Well, prove us wrong. Show us something we haven’t seen before. New hardware, new play mechanics, new story lines, new heroes, new franchises, new something. This is what keeps us coming back for more. Have faith in us and introduce games and hardware that are new and original. Please don’t keep barging up age-old IP because you don’t trust us to follow you in new directions. Bring us the next gaming blockbuster and we will gladly pay for it. Engage us, entertain us and most importantly, move us. I want to grow old with you because you can always make me feel young again.

E3 is the window on the industry. I want to open this window on Tuesday and see what the industry has to offer me in the coming year. Will it live up to my expectations? Will it sour me with rehashes of what has been or will it surprise me with what will be? Who knows? But I can guarantee you that on Tuesday, I will feel like a kid in a candy store. Walking the halls of gaming greatness with thrill and wonder. I have been in love with video games for as long as I can remember and won’t ever think of life without gaming. It’s in my blood, plain and simple. Let’s see what E3 and the industry have to offer and watch in amazement together as we are blown away by its excess and spectacle. The Bitch Truly is Back!

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Two Hammers said...

Right on! Soak it up and enjoy it =)

The place is huge and it's more exhausting than you might guess. Bring snacks & comfy shoes.