Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Invasion of the PS3BOTs

When the Cell processor was first discussed, Sony seemed to anticipate the PS3 hooking up and sharing processing power with everything from your Cell equipped TV to your Cell equipped phone to your Cell equipped refrigerator. Now, I haven't seen any refrigerators marketing themselves as gaming accessories lately, but if some March rumors could be believed, it is may only be a matter of time before your PS3 interfaces with your fridge much more directly.

According to patents, Sony may be working on a robot for the PS3. Thats right, a seeing, driving, game playing robot in your very own living room doing something or other for the enhancement of your console entertainment. The patents seem to say the robot will be moving about the room you game in, somehow interacting with you and the room in a way that adds an element to a particular game. That is an interesting concept, to be sure, but it seems a touch limited for something as inherently cool as a gaming robot. Lets add a couple basic hands to this bad boy and give ourselves the ultimate gaming accessory. Need a fresh drink? Surely the 'bot can grab a couple of cans out of the chill chest. Pizza man arrives in the middle of a fight? No worries, the 'bot can handle it. The possibilities here are endless.

Granted, the possibilities are so endless that it is doubtful the default programming could handle them all. A good scripting language takes care of that problem. Really, all Sony needs to do for this to to become the best gaming accessory since the d-pad is to either add hands or make the robot chassis modular so that additional hardware could be added later. Then, either publish the programming language or open up the 'bot's operating system and the potential for global dominance would be in place. Not literally, of course.

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