Friday, May 22, 2009


Here we go now: let's grab a look at some news stories for the weekend.

First up, can you guess Square Enix's best-selling title for 2008? Something with FINAL FANTASY in the title right? Nope. Sorry. Squeenix's top tomato for last year was DRAGON QUEST V for the Nintendo DS. In fact, DQVDS was the company's only game to sell over one million units. Money is a bit tight these days at SQUARE ENIX (both sales and profits are down), but just you wait - FINAL FANTASY XIII hits Japan "Winter 2009" and the US in 2010. The coffers will soon be overflowing once again.

Codemaster's upcoming racing title, FUEL is laying claim to being the "Biggest console game of all time". Developer, Asobo has created the "largest playable area" in a console game to date and certified it via the famed Guinness World Records. How big is "Biggest"? 5, 560 square miles. Vroom vroom! Beep beep!

Lastly, what may end up being the biggest game of 2009 releases on Tuesday, June 2nd. THE SIMS 3 promises "over a million unique Sims", an "ever-changing neighborhood", new "Evil" traits, and "robust online features". Perhaps best of all, your Sims don't have to pee quite so often. Whew! That's a relief.

S'all for now. Go play games!

-David 'Two Hammers' Moore

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