Monday, May 18, 2009

Countdown to (mebbe?) MGS5 this week

As some are probably aware, Kojima Productions, makers of the visionary, at-times wonderfully bat-shit surreal Metal Gear Solid series, has had, since sometime around last week, placed a curious teaser page on their site.

The webpage initially simply displayed an animated picture of violent storm clouds roiling over desolate plain. And that’s it. While perhaps by itself not enough for some to spank their La-li-lu-le-lo’s over, Joystiq had pointed out that the meta description for that page contains “MGS” and “Metal Gear”, and linked to this sleuth from GameTrailers, who had scanned a similar ad from a Japanese gaming mag (note the FoxHound logo in the lower right).

The news now is that, at some point over this weekend, the cryptic webpage had updated to now have some sort of Eon8-style countdown timer ticking down (heh, remember Eon8?). If my paltry math skills and Windows Calculator do not fail me (the former of which probably), I calculate that by Thursday, around 5:30 PM Pacific or so, just in time for Konami’s Manhattan Beach office to leave for margaritas, we’ll be getting some big news from Kojima Productions.

I’m also noting for the first time a flashing silhouette of the number “5” that periodically appears during the thunderclaps; hmmm indeed.

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