Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Hello all. Let's see what's newsy on this sunny Tuesday, shall we?

Bethesda, who have already released three PC and 360 add-ons for the fantastic FALLOUT 3 - have announced that two more DLC packs are still to come. 'Point Lookout' will be unveiled late next month and 'Mothership Zeta' is set for July.

I've already spent over 100 hours in FALLOUT 3's world - thanks to both "good" and "evil" play-throughs and add-on content. Looks like I'm not done yet with this deep and disheveled post-apocalyptic playground. Oh, and PS3 gamers will finally be getting in on the FALLOUT 3 expansion content too, beginning in June.

According to MarketReasearch.com (via Blue's News) - "More Than Half of US Adults Play Video Games". We kind of knew that already didn't we? Still, it's nice to see research confirming what we suspected. Video Games are not just for kids and haven't been for ages. Gaming is part of our everyday life, as relevant as movies and literature. As important as eating right, brushing your teeth and excercising. Am I right, or what?! Stop looking at me like that. I thought you were my friends...

Capcom's BIONIC COMMANDO remake has been released for PC, PS3 and 360 and it looks like early reviews aren't so hot. 1-Up has given the game a "C+" and says the re-imagining of the NES classic is "
competent but uninspired". Ouch.

S'all for now. Go play games!

-David 'Two Hammers' Moore

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