Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Warranty Voided! Shocking Footage!

Ok, so not so shocking footage. But hey, extremist headlines are all the rage these days.

iFixit has posted the first PS3 Slim dissection photo shoot, and there are some interesting tidbits exposed as the layers come off. First of all, we now know how Sony is keeping this pint-sized reactor cool. Check out Steps 10 and 14, and meet the mother of all console fans. Checking in at 17 blades, this thing is probably larger than the palm of your hand (unless your name is Shaq). Lots blades combined with a massive size is a strong indication that Sony was going out of its way to keep the Slim as quiet as possible while still moving the heat out of the device. The new PS3 may be first console to give the PC case modding community a bad episode of fan envy.

Some good news appears in Step 5 as well. We already knew that the hard drive was supposed to be easy to access and replace, and now we have confirmation of that. Slide out the 5400 RPM Toshiba drive, and slide in in your preferred SATA Massive Tome of Storage. Expected news, but pleasant to see all the same.

Delving deeper into the device, we get some lovely high-rez shots of the processor itself (Steps 24 and 27). Huge. Silver. Huge. Yeah, its a processor. Not that exciting for most of us, but your mileage may vary.

And there we have it. Before its official release, the PS3 Slim has been dissected and its innerds exposed for the amusement and education of gamers everywhere. While it is certainly a nice piece of engineering, ultimately the fate of Slim will rest on its games, not the device. If upcoming titles for the PS3 are as impressive as the fan in the Slim, then Sony is in for some brighter days.

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