Thursday, August 20, 2009

Not Exactly Breaking News

This has been (and will continue to be) a fairly eventful week in gamingdom. For a random week in the middle of August, a surprisingly eventful week in fact. I haven't rounded up everything here, but I've managed to corral a good chunk of it. No doubt tomorrow the internet will be awash with Blizzcon goodness, so definitely stay tuned.

Blizzcon. Sort of a big deal. Expect the announcement of the next WoW expansion, at least one Diablo 3 class and more D3 footage, and maybe some information on SC2 multiplayer and the new A brand new IP title is not impossible either, but probably not likely. If there is a Santa Claus, we may even get a Diablo 3 release date! Might want to check out the potential WoW leaks via mmo-champion if you haven't seen them already.

PS3 Slim. The smaller, more effecient, cheaper (!!!!!!), but fully featured version of the PS3 is here! Ok, will be here in September. The new lower price is in effect now, though some reports indicate that not all stores know this yet. Given the pile of pent up demand for the PS3, this could be a major holiday seller regardless of the less than lovely economy. $299 is a fair price for the Blu-Ray player capacity alone.

Lords of the Realm on GoG. Before there was the Total War series, there was Lords of the Realm. In particular, for me, Lords of the Realm 2 stands out. Turn based medieval strategy with realtime battles. Sure, the diplomacy was basic and the battles were a touch rock-paper-scissors-ish, but the level of fun to be had in these games was absolutely unmatched in strategy titles until the Total War series hit the scenes with Shogun. The re-emergence of this classic is the best news since... well.... since the price drop on the PS3. Lords of the Realm 3 is also available.

Fable 3 announced! Ok, not sure this one qualifies as news, seeing as the dev team for Fable 3 has been leakier than an old sponge, but it is really and truly officially announced this time. With a trailer! Not much of a trailer, but hey, at least its officially official this time. I think. Here's hoping Molyneux isn't severly overpromising... again. We'll know in late 2010, or thereafter.

Guild Wars 2. One of the first and best of the "free-to-play" model MMOs is back for more. Not a great deal of information on this one yet, but well worth keeping an eye on.

And, of course, tomorrow all eyes will be on Anaheim for Blizzcon '09.

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