Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sacred 2: Hack 'n' Slash Heaven

I picked up a copy of Ascaron's SACRED 2: Fallen Angel for the Xbox 360 on Monday and have been hard pressed to tear myself away.

If you are a fan of hack 'n' slash RPG titles like TITAN QUEST, DUNGEON SIEGE or the venerable DIABLO series, there's a good chance you'll fall for SACRED 2.

To be certain, the game is not without its quirks. On a standard definition television the in-game text is too small and difficult to make out. Enemies collapse rather unrealistically in a heap of sprawling limbs. The inventory and spell system is fussier and more buried in menus than it should be. Strangest of all - the game has no PAUSE function. What the heck? What century is this?

Despite all of these negatives, I have fallen in love with the game. I wish to do nothing else but immerse myself in SACRED 2's huge and attractive fantasy world where the enemies are abundant, loot is plentiful, and there's always a new cave, ruin or town to discover.

I'm 10 hours into the game and apparently I've only uncovered around 5% of the map. By my reckoning, that means there's around 190 hours of discovery still to come. Oh, and QUESTS! Don't get me started on the absolutely massive amount of quests available or we'll be here all day discussing it.

Pick this one up if you've been hankerin' for some old fashioned hacking and slashing. I've been enjoying the 360 version, but you can also grab SACRED 2 for the PS3 and PC. Alright, I'm outta here. Those kobolds aren't going to kill themsleves!

Game on, good people!
-David 'Two Hammers' Moore

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