Wednesday, June 10, 2009

E3 Afterburn

Whew! Sorry folks. I didn’t intend to neglect you for so long, but after 3 days of E3 I was burnt like toast and fried like a green tomato.

The event was indeed a return to the E3 of old. Lots of great games, loads of people and a palpable gaming buzz was in the air. Still, compared to past shows, the crowds were a bit smaller and there were fewer exhibitors. If I were grading this year’s E3 I’d give it a B+.

For me, the standout games of the show were TORCHLIGHT, BRUTAL LEGEND, LEFT 4 DEAD 2, and DRAGON AGE. Also looking promising were FAT PRINCESS, CRIMECRAFT and MINI NINJAS.

TORCHLIGHT was a real surprise. I had heard of the game and was eager to check it out - but I didn’t think I’d fall in love as hard as I did. This is a hack ‘n’ slash PC title from the folks responsible for FATE, MYTHOS and DIABLO. The mechanics and gameplay are there, but what’s really sold me is the art style. DRAGON’S LAIR meets The Incredibles. Right up my geek alley. TORCHLIGHT is due this fall as a single player game with an MMO version set to follow around 18 months later.

BRUTAL LEGEND was over-the-top in all the right ways. Stylized Heavy Metal-fantasy graphics, humorous dialogue, along with tight action and bloody combat. The game should indeed be legendary in sales figures and gamer’s memories.

LEFT 4 DEAD 2 was pretty much what you’d expect – and that’s alright by me. The zombies are a bit gorier looking in daylight and the interface has been changed somewhat, but the undead mayhem comes fast, furious and frantic. The New Orleans environment is a welcome change and the new characters will add fresh flavor. As much as I’ll miss Bill, Francis, Louis and Zoey, I’m sure I’ll make new friends come November.

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S’all for now. Play on!

-David 'Two Hammers' Moore

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