Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Browser Gaming: Auditorium

If you have not tried this gem of a game yet, make time soon. Auditorium is completely unlike anything I have ever played. In fact, I'm not sure 'game' is really the best description of this title. What ever it is, this is one of the most addicting and fascinating titles to appear on any platform, ever.

Auditorium is a browser based puzzle game with a fairly long free demo. The demo alone could take you an hour or two to finish. The goal is to steer streams of colored light through sound equalizers. Each equalizer produces a different phrase of music when it is lit. By using the available tools to steer the colored light through each of the puzzle levels, you are rewarded with a dazzling light show and a miniature concert as each of the individual phrases blend together into a coherent strain of music.

Cipher Prime, the Philadelphia based developers of this game, have polished every detail to perfection. Even the music, too often an afterthought in browser based games, is memorable. The game can be played in full-screen mode, defaults to full-screen actually, and I highly recommend you not only leave it on full-screen, but you turn up your sound and darken the room when you try it.

But do not visit that web site if you have anything pressing to do. This is an absolutely addicting puzzle game like nothing else on the market. The demo is free, the full version is about $11, and the experience is unforgettable. Auditorium may not be for everyone, but even if you do not get hooked you will not regret checking out a truly beautiful and inventive game.

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