Wednesday, June 3, 2009


There's like three or so people "protesting" (maybe) outside E3 regarding EA's upcoming title based on the literary classic Dante's Inferno. They got fliers and epiphets and even signs that read "EA = Electronic Anti-Christ" (well duh). This adds a bit of surrealism to a title that frankly already has a lot of it; In the original poem, Dante pities and scorns the ignorance and plight of Hell's miserable wretches, whereas in this videogame, he's gonna stomp them out instead. It's ok though, they captured his girlfriend.

No one's sure whether or not this is for real yet; being that LA's population veers more towards out-of-work "actors" rather than evangelicals, I say "PR stunt". Then again, in light of the very real problem of our nation's religious crazies out there, including the recent murder of an abortion doctor, this could very well either A) be real, or B) rank right up there with past "did you really think this through?" PR stunts like Sony lopping off a goat's head. Let's hope for their sakes they don't run afoul of these "Italians" protesting Mario; they don't look like they are in the mood to see a true Italian like Dante Alighieri getting slagged.

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